Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hoofin' It: Part Three

Once we arrived in San Francisco and managed to find the gate for our next flight Mr. K and D went to get lunch for us. We were all hungry after the forced starvation of the previous flight. We boarded the plane with no problems and got settled. The seats were about two inches wider which doesn't sound like much but when you are trying to squeeze in next to a car seat it is a huge difference! On this flight we had television screens in the back of the seat in front of us and I watched City of Ember which was good but I kept feeling that there had to be a better book behind it and it turns out there is an entire series! I then watched The Family That Preys which was terrible.

I meant to take photos of the food but I forgot. Izzy got the child's meal which was good because they always fed her first. For the first meal she received a hot dog, baked fries, apple sauce, and a lemon cookie. For the midway snack (six hours into the flight) she received a turkey sandwich, a slice of cheese, and a box of raisins. For the final meal (just before landing) she received the best food of the flight: pancakes with an apple filling, chicken sausage, milk, and a blueberry muffin. The adult food was not as good. Main meal choice was between a strangely sweet bbq chicken with mealy potatoes and odd tasting corn or beef with rice. There was also a cup of lettuce (I refuse to call that a salad!) and a tasty brownie. Snack was a cup of noodles which was had a nice broth. Final meal was a hot turkey with swiss sandwich and a cup of yogurt.

We were in sunlight the entire flight but it finally was setting when we landing in Incheon. As usual we were the last people off the plane and had to take a few minutes to find the stroller. By the time we reached passport control there was no one else there. The officer took one look at D's passport, gazed at her, glanced at me and said, "Same". Mr. K and I laughed and said people have been telling us that since the day she was born. We needed three carts for all of our luggage but the customs official was sweet enough to push Izzy through the doors to the main area of the airport.


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