Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hemoglobin Test Results

Happy news today as the nurse from Izzy's genetics doctor called us at about 4am to say our blood test (we all three had to be tested) for Russell Silver Syndrome came back normal! This means Izzy is all clear and there is no underlying genetic or medical reason (other than being born small for gestational age) for her to be so petite. Not only is this a big relief for me after two years of visiting many different doctors but it also means we can get command sponsorship for our stay here in Korea which brings added benefits and peace of mind.

Here she is just one day old with her big sister.


  1. Hi! I am the mother of an RSS daughter and also a volunteer for the MAGIC Foundation. I came across your site and wanted to ensure that you understood that a negative blood test for RSS CANNOT "rule it out". Only about 50-60% of children with RSS will test positive on one of the two blood tests available. I hesitated to post and "burst you bubble" so to speak. I just feel strongly that parents should have ACCURATE information. Also, the treatment options for SGA babies that do not catch up and RSS babies is the same. :O)

    Anyway, I just wanted to be sure you had accurate information. I would hate for you to find out years from now that your child does have RSS when you had seemingly ruled it out so very long ago. Of course it is also possible that your child does not have RSS. But, a blood test can only confirm a diagnosis...not dispel one.

    If you are uncertain and would like more info, I encourage you to contact MAGIC. they are a terrific support site for parents of children with growth disorders and they have both an RSS and SGA division.

    GOOD LUCK!! YOu are clearly blessed!

  2. So happy to hear the blood work came back normal!!! Wow! The fabric looks amazing!!! Sounds like you all are settling in fine! WE MISS YOU!! I know we didn't visit much during the week, but I have to say it was nice knowing you were right next door. It feels so empty and lonely now. Tells the girls "hello" Karen