Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hoofin' It: Part Four (final)

Once we arrived in the main arrivals portion of the airport Mr. K had information call our hotel for a pickup. The man completely freaked over the amount of luggage we had but managed to get it all in his van. When we got to the hotel the manager had the same reaction to the luggage. I'm not sure what they were expecting as moving across the world requires some things that can't go in carry on bags. It was clean and comfortable with a jacuzzi tub that I took advantage of. We all managed to sleep a few hours and returned to the airport for the bus ride to Camp Humphreys.

They had this sign on the outside of the elevator that I thought was funny.

While waiting for the bus I took pictures of all kinds of things that were interesting to me.

In the bathroom there was a sign for were to line up.

And these things on the inside of the bathroom stall which I'm still unsure of what it is. Is it a bell to let people know someone is inside or a perfume to spray after you do something stinky?

The pay phones had video capability.

And the mini-mart had many interesting options.
Just some of the noodles.

Jerky with peanuts and something I couldn't identify.

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  1. The etiquette bell in the bathroom stalls were installed for the 1988 Olympics. In some countries, women flush when they are going #1 so that other people can't hear them. Pushing the button makes the sound of a toilet flushing... thus saving water. Most subway stalls have them. Oh! Remember to go to the last stall in bathrooms... some bathrooms still have the toilets in the ground.