Monday, May 25, 2009

Heat Resistant

Well trying to be anyway. First off I've misplaced the camera so no photos today sorry.

It was supposed to be a glorious weekend vacation to Jeju Island. I wanted to drive down and take the ferry over (four hours) spend one night in a hotel and another on the beach camping. Mr. K. said we didn't have enough time and he has to go pick up young cadets from the airport tomorrow. So instead we took some day trips all of which were less than perfect.

Day One
Saturday we decided to go to Coex Mall in Seoul because the weather was chilly and rainy. I was intrigued by the promise of a bookstore. The traffic on the interstate was bumper to bumper more than 50 miles out so we pulled into a train station. That station had no fast train so we decided to take the subway. 90 minutes, three trains and mostly standing room only later we finally arrived tired and hungry. The restaurant Mr. K. picked was confusing and expensive so I only ate a little. Then it was off to the bookstore which was huge and refreshing. I purchased a sewing book and though it is in Korean it has lots of adorable patterns. We got some small books in English for the Kids. Then we headed off to the food court for some rice and pizza. Later we went to a few shops and I bought some cute stationary items (another one of the things I hoard). We ate ice cream and stocked up on bread and cakes from Paris Baguette and got back on the subway home. The first train was so packed that even when pushed I couldn't fall because there was nowhere to fall. Yuck. The next train ended before the station we needed but a third train came quickly enough. The fourth train was the worst though because we ended up getting off one station to early and being abandoned like lost dolls. For more than thirty minutes no train stopped. We gave up and got a taxi to the next station were we had left the van. Do I like the IDEA of public transportation? Of course. Save the planet and all that jazz. Will I be partaking of it again anytime soon? No way.

Day Two will be published tomorrow.

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