Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting Over

Tomorrow the household goods arrive at our new home here in Northern Virginia. I'm very happy with my choice of area so far. Everything I need seems to be within 10 minutes and DC is just a quick Metro ride away, but where not close enough to have terrible traffic. I can't wait to dive into my patterns and fabric and decide what to do first.

I bought two of these little journals (one in each color) for me to write in for the girls. I am enjoying them. Two days in only but I'm surprised by how easy it is to fill up the space. Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

In somewhat frustrating news I purchased a new phone today. When I went to transfer the telephone number and contract I wasn't able to. Turns out the zip code I originally had my account in doesn't have smartphone service and in order to use my new phone I had to change my zip code. In order to change the zip code I had to get a new phone number. Blerg. To top it off the customer service rep promised I'd be able to use the old phone until the new one was activated. Didn't happen so now I have no usable phone. I'm sure I'll be happy once the new phone is going but for now it stinks.

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