Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Before we returned to the States in 2011 I promised the kids we could get a dog. We talked together about the importance of rescuing a pet from the shelter along with the usual responsibilities of pet ownership. Now though I'm running into major problems. At first I thought these complications were restricted to breed specific rescue centers, but I've since learned that they apply to the SPCA in our area as well.

*Money: These shelters ask up to $350 for the adoption fee. I know that pets are not cheap but I also know what a dog costs from a breeder.

*Home Visits: I don't like anyone I don't know coming to my home. I have the right to privacy and the right to safety. It is difficult enough letting the cable guy in once to install the internet much less know that anyone from the organization may stop by at any time to check up on the dog.

*Applications: Some of the applications I've seen are seven or more pages long. One of the questions we fail on is: How long have you lived in your current home?

I've had pets my entire life and grew up around animals of all sorts. I know these groups have their heart in the right place but are they really helping animals by making the adoption process so rigid? Would love to hear some thoughts and feedback regarding this.

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  1. It is the same way here. They want to home visit and they want $300 / animal! They aren't doing the animals a damn bit of good by charging that. We managed to find a group that charged $150 / pet so we bought two! LOL