Saturday, December 24, 2011

Honoring my craft.

I posted this on my sewing forum in response to sewing goals for 2012.

For me I just don't want to get bogged down/depressed that we are moving now and moving again early 2013. I want to unpack and decorate this home as if we will live there for years and years. In accordance with that...

1. Deck out the playroom: drapes, toy bags, bean bag covers, slipcovers, whatever. This is a long term project and things can be done over time.

2. Deck out the girls' room: bed canopies, quilt for Izzy, pillowcases. I'd like this complete by April.

3. Organize stash: Get a good storage system for apparel fabric (Leaning toward something like this) and ribbon, finish getting my wovens onto the CBB and onto shelves. Create look book with patterns that I want to make and fabric samples. Buy as little as possible both patterns and fabric.

4. Make placemats, napkins, and table runners. And use them! (Ongoing project)

5. Deck out girls' bathroom: shower curtain, hand towels, embroidery large towels. (Ongoing project)

6. Make as many clothing items as possible for me and Izzy instead of buying. This includes customizing an underwear pattern for myself and finally trying pants. (Ongoing project)

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