Saturday, January 17, 2009

He's home and I'm busy.

Well Mr. K finally arrived home last night after nearly a year away. He missed his connection at JFK and then the whole bird in an engine thing made all the flights late. Thankfully though the Kids and I were able to hang out at the USO in the airport which was wonderful. Many thanks to the volunteers who make being a part of the Army a little bit better sometimes. If you are military member remember to check out the USO at the airport the next time you travel and tell them I sent you with a big thanks!

I'm so busy trying to call utility companies (telephone? check, electric? check, gas? check), get things in the right place for the movers, and get luggage packed that I've barely registered Mr. K's return. Right now he's playing Monopoly with the Kids though so at least I can have a private moment.

Things I still need to do: put change of address card in, schedule walk through with landlord, find the air mattresses, eek! what am I forgetting?

To all who have helped me get through this past year as a geographically separated single mother thank you and you are welcome to come visit us in the Land of the Morning Calm any day.

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